Saturday, March 27, 2010


On this health care thing it seems the tune is love and the lyrics are compassion. From every politician's mouth comes, "for the sake of compassion" ... "for the 30 million not covered by health care." From that point on, the heart wrenching narratives roll. From a closed-door meeting, I bet someone suggests, "lets sell this bill on compassion for the poor! Go for the heart ... compassion will sell it!" And they did.

Is that what sold the bill? Of course!!

I for one am tired of heart wrenching rhetoric. The stories may be true but using them to obligate the masses isn't right.

I don't know if you are like me, but I wonder if there isn't a dirty little secret Obama, Nancy, Harry and their bunch of politicians are holding in their personal histories.

I guess you could call me skeptical.

I for one would like to have each one of them open up their personal lives and show us how much they have personally given of their own time and resources to charity for no motive other than compassion for the poor. How much they personally have sacrificed for the poor. How much (proportionally) of their own money they have given to charity. Show us your history of personal charity.

Are these guys true examples of what they preach?

When it comes to generosity and true concern for the poor it seems they all have a great ability of taking other peoples money and distributing it to the poor ... under their own name and for their own political good!

If what they're doing isn't wrong, why they're doing it is. I think we the people have every right to question the motives of the whole crew, from the top man down!

Controlling and manipulating people for their own political ends, and using our money to do it.

It just isn't right.

Friday, March 19, 2010


It seems that our revered congressmen have morphed back into what they were all the time, a pack of dirty dogs! These sleazy politicians had planned a gang rape all along, they just needed a leader ... and so we were dumb enough to deliver the great leader! While we thought all along that his "Yes we can!" was a call for change in America, we didn't think of it as a change of America! Now we find "Yes we can" takes on a whole new meaning. Yes we can! ... and Sunday, we will!

Roll over America, relax, this won't hurt. America screams no!, No you can't do this!! The pack reply's "Yes we can!" "Yes we can!"

One by one the politicians that are lurking around the sidelines are turning from their morals join the pack, excited about their opportunity to enjoy the big rape!

America, relax, don't fight it? You might as well get used to it, we'll have you on the floor again soon.

The dogs are barking, panting with anticipation! "We want our satisfaction and you're going to give it to us!"

Hold on, the raping won't start until Sunday! When? Sunday.

Where? ... All over America.

Remember folks, this is for your own good.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today as I was leaving the church office, my eyes came across a black and white picture laying on a work desk. I looked again; it was a picture page out of a children's coloring book ... depicting the courageous and cruel story about a man of God. This was a story from the Old Testament showing Daniel in the Lion's den.

A rather scary time for Mr. Daniel!

Way back when I was a kid in Sunday School, well, we weren't so politically correct. The way I recall it Daniel was to be placed into a dark smelly den of hungry lions to be cruelly killed and eaten alive.


But God intervened! Teaching points, faith in God and courage.

In my day our illustrations were so vivid and detailed you could practically smell the den. These pictures were the result of courageous illustrators who dared to illustrated the truth.

I think that's what caught my eye was today's new type of Curriculum; the difference was so obvious.

In this politically correct color-book picture you see chubby young Daniel with a smile, next to this well-fed and relaxed lion with a smile and a mischievous look. Two friends and a den.

No fangs, blood and broken bones. No skin and bones or lions ready to jump on Daniel and turn him into meat. Nice kitty!

I wonder how the other pages of this Old Testament coloring book were illustrated. How did this sensitive illustrator handle David chopping off Goliath's head? Way too bloody to show kids! Lets just follow David as he walks along picking up his rocks. That will be nicer and isn't nice what truth is all about?

On Television and Cable parents get an advance warning, a disclaimer of sorts protecting their little darlings, lest they catch a picture of reality.

It seems truth is not as important as the spin you give it! Keep life ... smiles, and Happy! Happy! Happy!

And the book will sell well.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Do you ever think about sameness? Is it something we want to be, or is it something we just become? Do you ever get tired of "sameness" Even God seems to fight it, everything and each thing He makes, is divinely unique. Not so with man; ... Manufactured in Detroit or 'made in China' building millions of identical parts and products, that's man.

Sameness? Not just our people boxes ... sterile condos and apartment styles; people, like so many penguins, driving their SUV's and filling the Malls with a colorful variety of sameness. It seems everywhere there is social sameness, cosmetic sameness, entertainment sameness creating a fog of human sterility.

We've created a politically correct society where we've been encouraged to become one of millions of brainless and 'opinion-less' lemmings, content to follow the south end of the lemming in front of us, hoping the lemming he's following is going the right direction.

Unfortunately the bottom of the cliff brings us to an abrupt but short lasting reality.

Whether we become the waddling penguin or committed lemming, we're content to be, well, the same as everyone else.

Different could be dangerous.

Funny, within our sameness we dare to try and be unique in a sort of subtle safe way. I have a Nisson like a million others, but mine is white like thousands of others but WOW!!! ... my seat covers, now they are different! And look at my bumper stickers! My suit may look like anyone else's, but WOW! ... look at my tie, and here, check my socks out! Oh Oh, my teeth are a bit crooked, better get to an orthodontist quick; so I can look like everyone else.

Most of us strive to be comfortably common and content to located somewhere in the middle. I guess that's not wrong, it's ... normal.

While some of us just don't fit the common mold; not that we really try to be different, but that we simply are unique and quite comfortable with being that way. A refreshingly different person!

Is it a talent? Is it a gift? Is it genetic?

Many things could be said about my father Wolo; a puppeteer, artist, book writer, actor, entertainer, "Mr. San Francisco," but most of all he was a totally unique person. All that knew him would agree. He looked different, dressed different, thought different, spoke different even had a different name; yet somehow he fit into the society of sameness, and even more, was loved by society. In part because he was uniquely fresh. Indeed my father was different!

On rare occasions I'll pause to study myself, and I have to come out with the same observation ... the same conclusion; I'm a totally unique person like my father. I don't know why; I don't consciously try to be different, but maybe, just maybe, I'm different because my father was Wolo. The one and only, Wolo