Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We all know about thermostats. There are thermostats in cars, homes and of course Churches have thermostats too. Temperature controllers. Ah man's technology!

Our church was small, and we had a lot to learn ... one lesson was where to locate the thermostat. Well, at first our Sanctuary thermostat was available to all and we never gave it much thought.

The location and thermostat soon became a tricky problem, we found everyone seemed to have a different opinion on what was a comfortable temperature.

A couple of ladies with "hot flashes" thought it was always too warm so they felt a liberty to cool the ambient temperature down ... and they did. It was too cool for old Richard and Florence, so they warmed it up a bit. For skinny people it seemed always too cool and for heaver people it always seemed too warm. They all took a turn at adjusting our thermostat.

It seemed we all had a different idea of what the temperature of the Church should be.

We had to re-think the thermostat issue.

I think you can see where I'm going here ...

A long time ago the Lord checked on the temperature of His Laodicean Church. Their thermostat was set at "Tepid" ... or lukewarm! ... and they were all perfectly comfortable

The Lord's reaction to their setting? "You have become comfortably lukewarm" ... continue in this temperature and "I will vomit you out of my mouth!" (Rev: 3:16)

I was thinking about tepid, lukewarm, and even vomit! They all have one thing in common ... they're each the temperature of flesh! The temperature of man.

There are plenty of Churches today who's thermometer is set at that comfortable flesh setting everyone enjoys ... lukewarm!

Even thinking about Holy fire bothers us.

It's no secret that God's desired temperature for His Church is Red Hot! Fire hot! After all, His Church started in flames (Acts: 1:1-4)

Isn't it time we let the Lord re-set the thermostat in His

Churches ... and learn to enjoy a new Holy heat wave!


Sunday, February 17, 2013


What is it you and I cant live with or can't live without? The answer is simple;

Its gravity!

Gravity binds us to earth and that's fortunate as there would be countless multitudes of us floundering in space along with rocks boulders and space junk, Gravity's job is to pin us to earth and for sure, gravity is determined to plant us there too.

Today, at 84, it seems a gallon of water weighs more than it did when I was twenty. Gravity power seems to increase the older we get. We may fight gravity for a while but the victor will ultimately be ... gravity.

Who of us will escape its influence alive?

As the years slowly pass, our bodies gradually show the effect of the 24/7 gentle and constant pull of gravity. From jowls and skin that hangs, to bulging varicose veins, even boobs; as we age everything starts to hang!  The body slumps into that old man 'S' shape.

At home we sit quietly in our easy chair; each day finding it more difficult to get the old body up and going. 

Ah Gravity, indeed you'll get the last laugh.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Osvoldo is too little to lose an eye. He was only two. But he did, and they called on us for help, and we helped on his surgery and new eye. The family of six were so thankful. Teresa particularly.

The months have passed now and the father lost his job; things got worse inside their one room shack and he just couldn't take it, so from alcohol it went to drugs and then to hard drugs. Soon he sold the big bed that several of them slept in, then it was the little T.V then their propane stove ... what's next? What's left? Now they are all sleeping on the floor and mom's cooking outside using the paper and wood she finds as fuel. No schooling for the kids any more. Teresa's shy, she didn't ask us for help. How would you walk away from a situation like that?

Does this paragraph of text above frustrate you?

The story, which is much more than just text; frustrates us too! Do we get this family another bed? Will he sell it too? A new stove? Will he sell it? How do we help? One thing for sure ... they need food! And schooling.

We always appreciate your prayers as we enter situations like this. We need ... Compassion! Understanding, Wisdom! ... and yes, money!

Friday, February 08, 2013


Our young Church was a small group of people and just starting to grow; we held our meetings in a neighborhood house. Mr. and Mrs. Stringer's home hosted the Church. Their living room was the sanctuary while the bedrooms and back-yard played their part as the Sunday School areas.

One afternoon I was sitting in the Rosenberger's home talking with Eileen while nonchalantly doodling/fingering in the dust on the magazine table in front of me. When I realized what I was doing I became embarrassed. Admittedly their home always looked a little unorganized and a bit dusty ... it looked like it was lived in.

Eileen worked as part time secretary at an aircraft company. Bob her husband was a mechanic. They had two young children; one of their children was handicapped. Both Eileen and Bob were super active in our church. Eileen was the church secretary, a Sunday school teacher, Choir director, church pianist, a youth sponsor and my secretary as Youth Worker. Bob was active in other areas including teaching a Sunday-School class. On special church occasions, like a Church work-day, Eileen and Bob would be in charge of preparing the food for all workers.

Did the family suffer for its dedication? No, the Rosenberger family was healthy and happy. The kids? They turned out fine.

That dust on the table taught me a lesson in priorities.

Bob and Eileen had their priorities right and their priorities didn't include a super neat and clean house here on earth.