Thursday, August 27, 2015


I live in San Diego, in a big collection of middle class Townhouses called Canyon Rim. From my kitchen window I watch the dog walkers. A growing number of these couples are opting for pets not children. I'm glad, very glad to see this growing parade of doggies. (I've only seen one cat being "walked" and that was a hopeless exercise in futility!)

In my opinion, today, having a pet become the third person in the family is a wise decision. Biologically today's adult couples are qualified to create kids, however in my opinion, rare indeed is the couple today that's qualified to "parent" their child, or God forbid, "children" to mature adulthood. Buy a pet!

I know most every woman at one time in her life wants a "baby". Unfortunately, every little baby grows to be an adult. Parenting a baby to become a healthy mature adult is expensive, demands time, and competence.

CAUTION: Young couple ... buy a pet!! And you can continue your life of "recreational" sex.  A pet can be loved as much as a kid and in many cases more than a kid.

Here's an impressive list of reasons why pets may be the right choice for you. Seriously consider the following ...

  • Pets don't require a college education.
  • Pets don't cry themselves to sleep when they find out mom and dad are divorcing ... That's for the rare couple that bothers to gets married.
  • Pets will never turn out to be a teenagers that you can't manage.
  • Pets won't mind going with "daddy" one weekend and "mama" the next!
  • Pets won't be influenced by your hypocritical behavior.
  • Pets around here in California are not male or female, they are neutered, so they won't end up horny fruit flies. Dogs and cats are a happy liberated California Unisex!
  • Pets won't get into drugs or join a gang.
  • Pets don't require expensive shoes or clothing!
  • Pets won't demand their rights ... or say NO!
  • Pets are always under your control. In your house or leashed so they won't be "hanging" together on the corner at one A.M.
  • Pets don't have to be taken to school activities.
  • Pets will be happy with a bone for Christmas ... try that with your teenager.
  • Pets aren't into expensive clothing.
  • Pets can eat once a day!
  • Pets medical expenses will be a little less expensive.
  • Pets won't be needing a telephone or computer.
  • Pets won't surprise you by turning out Gay, transvestite  or bisexual ... they are a happy unisex.
  • Pets don't need the Internet.
  • Pets don't get addicted to porno.
  • Pets can spoiled and not make you feel guilty.
  • Pets are loyal no matter how cruel you treat him he won't divorce you! ... in liberal California children can divorce their parents.
  • Pets will never turn out to be a gangster, you won't be visiting him in prison.
  • Pets won't steal from you to support their habit.
  • Pets may mess up your floor or bed, but they will not mess up your life!

CAUTION: In my opinion, today's He and She together in a comfortable bed should have some serious "pillow talk" BEFORE creating a child. Today creating a child is optional ... undoing a twisted adult isn't.

My advice to today's young couples; plan on getting a pet ... don't create a human life only to end up screwing it up!

Just some advice from an old man who has seen too many screwed up young people here in America and in Tijuana.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


The announcer would say something like this "Good morning to all of you there out in "radio-land". I guess today it would be proper to say, "good afternoon to all of you out there in "Cyber-land." A mystical advanced land of higher electronics. Another e-mail message.

It's true, we as a ministry do struggle to get investors, partners, and for good reason, we invest our income in helping the worthless, the non-productive: what's known as society's human debris. Unfortunately this society lays a corner or an alley away from violence. Someone needs to touch the untouchable.

According to God's Word someone needs to be doing it and we're willing to be that someone.

I remember this comment too well, it was in my early years starting work with the very poor in Tijuana. The setting was a Saturday Prayer Breakfast. A Deacon of our Church came over to me. "von, why do you work with the poor in Tijuana ... they're just like a bunch of rats, you keep feeding them and they'll just make more". It shocked me at first to hear a "man of God" make a comment like that ... unfortunately, I don't get shocked any more because more people than I realized feel that same way about the adults and children in my world.

Just a little cyber reminder that we're still out there loving on God's forgotten people in Tijuana's untouched world. Care to join us?

Monday, August 17, 2015


I drive an '04 vehicle. I've spend a lot of time and many miles in this vehicle. My vehicle takes me where I want; it goes where I direct it. However It's simply a vehicle. To be sure, my vehicle is not me; we are attached only in the purpose of transport. My vehicle serves me. I'm inside my vehicle yet we are separate.

Not hard to understand.

I see a similarity in life. My body (flesh) vehicle and me; we make quite a pair. Indeed we are very close. "Until death do we part."

My flesh body is not me; it's my God given vehicle. It's my temporary earthly vehicle, my onetime and onetime only, vehicle.

My body of flesh simply exists to serve me ... to please me and fulfill my needs and desires. To do my dictates.

My body is temporal while I'm eternal. My body is flesh and blood, while I am Spirit. My body has been given a life-span while I am a forever being.

When I became born the second time. I received the option to donate my vehicle to God's use for His purpose, or to continue running it for my own pleasure. For me that decision was a struggle. At that point I made a choice. God, you can have my physical body, it's yours for your purpose and direction.

Many years have passed and as old as my vehicle is, I'm still committed to doing what I can, where I can and with whom I can ... as long as I can. Von is under God's control.

When all I can do on earth is done. When the last chapter; the last paragraph; the last sentence; and the last word is written of my life, all will be followed by a comma, not a period.

Just moving on ... Earth becomes a memory ... eternity becomes reality.